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12 Biggest House Hunting Mistakes..
This is a great article I came across about certain things that you should not overlook when looking at a home. Sometimes it's easy to underestimate repairs when you really love the home or location. Get everything looked at by an inspector, that's my advice!
Seller Shortage Plauges Many Markets..
Another good short read about the market conditions these days. We've seen this in Seattle with there being almost twice as many properties pending then new listings. This is good for people looking to sell their home quickly and in many cases for a good price. Are you looking to sell in the #Seattle area? Give us a call @ Re/Max Exemplary and we'll get it on the market ASAP. Happy Wednesday! (206) 388-6102.
3 Tips to Stress Free Moving.
We've all been there, nobody likes to move. Here are few simple items from a good blog about stress reducing during moving.
Here is how Seaplane pilots spend their winter. Finding crazy new places to go.. waiting for the summer weather to show up :) #Orcas Island is one of my favorite places to go year round. Happy Tuesday people! Spring is coming....
2013 Will Be The Year Many Finally Buy a Home!

A good read by the folks at Lennar about this year and why this will be the year those who haven't will finally buy a home. Here in Seattle we have seen a lot of new listings in the last few days but we still have a very low supply. Start your search early, get pre-approved so you are ready! Call me for any questions you have! (206) 388-6102. Happy Tuesday!
Three Reasons Why Housing Inventory is so Low!

We've all seen the articles on the housing market. We are short on homes and buyers are consistently in multiple offer situations. Here's a good article on a few reasons why. Thinking of selling your #seattle home? Give me a call!
Six Ways To Update Your Home and Add Value!

It's that time of the year! "Real Estate" season is coming up right around the corner. And while we have a strong Sellers market in Seattle, there are a few things you can do to insure you'll get top dollar. If you know some of these updates are going to come up in a home inspection, why not address them now? Better take the time to get ready now so your house brings top dollar. For all your Seattle Selling needs call me (206) 388-6102. Or if you have questions about updates to your home feel free to email me as well    Have a great Monday!
A Home With It's Own Water Park!
It would definitely be cool to have a home where you could enjoy your own water slides and pools without the crowds. Unfortunately for the owners this went into foreclosure (I'm not going to guess where the money went) but hopefully the next owner will love it just the same! Happy Saturday !!
Ever Seen Someone Fall Off A Chairlift? Me neither..
This video comes courtesy of Vans Snow. Not something you see everyday, or ever for that matter!

Almost March, What Are YOUR Real Estate Questions?

It's almost the end of February and the market is heating up in Seattle. Inventory is low and buyers are consistently in multiple offer scenarios. With an open house last weekend drawing 80 people it's no wonder people are rushing to buy properties when they do go up for sale. But most people don't like to rush so I wanted to open up a page for home buyers or sellers who might have questions they want answered early on their buying or selling process. Feel free to email me You want to be prepared and I want you to feel comfortable with your decisions so ask away!
How to Win A Bidding War
With the lack of housing supply, we are seeing a lot of multiple offer scenarios. You want your offer to stand out and be the best one on the table if you want to get the home. Here are some good tips but you also need a good agent. Contact me and my Re/Max team today! (206) 388-6102 and we'll help you find that dream home!
What Not To Cook Naked.
My friends over at Kitchen Design Ideas posted this, I couldn't help but share! Worth a good laugh in the middle of the work day!
Words to Avoid When Selling Your Home.
A nice short read on what to avoid when selling your home! I enjoy short reads so this is a good one! :)
Want To Own an Alan Iverson Home? Two Are For Sale!
Alan Iverson has put two of his homes on the market. Must be nice to be an NBA player, even if he hasn't played in a few years.
Four Great Ways to Use Google+ by Inman
A good video on how to really maximize Google+

10 Best Markets for Home Sellers

10 Best Markets for Home Sellers

Well we knew that homes were going quick which is good for sellers. Here is a list of the nations top ten, Seattle makes the list! Contact me to list your home today!!

If a Home Gets Hit by a Meteor, Who Pays?

If a Home Gets Hit by a Meteor, Who Pays?

Not a bad question to ask?

For-Sale Home Inventories Remain Tight

For-Sale Home Inventories Remain Tight
The situation is very apparent in Seattle. Fewer and fewer homes are being put on the market and the buyers outnumber the sellers. We've been seeing a lot of homes sell in less than a week if priced right. Buyers are still taking advantage of lower rates and snatching up homes. Are you looking for a home? Contact me today, you want to be ready as soon as you find that home so you can make an offer. Thinking of selling? Well we definitely need more homes on the market, EVERYWHERE in Seattle!

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Weekend on Orcas Island!

We are part time residents of Orcas so we spend a fair amount of time there. This weekend we were playing "meet the in laws". My parents meeting the fiancées parents. A great weekend though! Who else loves the islands?? Back to work today though.

Working On A New FB page: Maple Valley, WA Foreclosures.
I'm looking for some "Likes" for our upcoming page of foreclosures in Maple Valley, WA. Comments are always welcome! Good night!

Audi Motorsport Blog: First 2013 Audi R8 LMS ultra delivery

Audi Motorsport Blog: First 2013 Audi R8 LMS ultra delivery:
By Johan Laubscher The first 2013 Audi R8 LMS ultra delivery follows shortly on the heels of the first public sighting.
Seattle Is Above National Average in Jan Home Sales!
Great article on how the shortage of homes is leading to quick stints on the market. Buyers are buying up homes fast, and it's only February! Stay warm this weekend everyone and enjoy the holiday weekend!

Sunny February Afternoon in Seattle!

Sun is out here at the auburn airport and its a great day to fly! Traffic pattern is full and the place is alive as if it were summer. Gotta love it when we do get sunshine here.

Re/Max Exemplary
Alright, I'm working on my own page(s) but here is my office page. I told the older guys I could get a ton more traffic to the site! So follow the link and "like" please. Also don't hesitate to contact us if you have any Real Estate needs in the Seattle area! #seattle #realestate #remax #realestateagent
Airlines That No Longer Exist.
It's a fun blast in the past for the Aviation Enthusiast. Also reminds me why I'm not an airline pilot, Job Security...
Low Inventory, Story Of The Year So Far?
So it's not exactly new news, but it is a good read about how low inventory of homes isn't just the problem here in Seattle area.
How much house can you get for $150k?
Zillow has put together another great read on how much $150k can buy you these days.
3 Tips For Avoiding House Hunt Heartbreak! 
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It's that time of year! clearance time! It's still winter but it's never too early to snag some great deals on clubs, clothes etc. I just figured I'd share this, everyone likes a good sale!
I need some feedback on what people think of the blog.. Colors, backgrounds etc. There is just so much to customize, I'm looking for input. Don't be shy, if you don't like the background (stock) image let me know. I'm still working on putting up descriptions and other things so it's still a work in progress. Thanks!!

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