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Ranked Among the Top Real Estate Agents in Social Media Yet Again!

Top Real Estate Social Media Accounts To Follow by Surge Realty Solutions
Want to know how the best real estate agents use social media?
Below, we have compiled a list of the best social media accounts in the real estate industry from around the web. Whether you’re looking for industry data, home-buying tips, or lead-generation strategies, these real estate accounts have got you covered. It doesn’t matter if you’re just starting out, or have decades of experience - there’s something for everyone here. Be sure to check out each featured post to really get a feel for their writing style. Our list is always expanding, so check back frequently! Jack Otto | LinkedIn | Twitter | Google+
Jack Otto knows the value of utilizing social media for real estate firsthand.  As the most popular real estate agent in Washington ranked by social media activity (according to Mondinion), he makes extensive use of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google +, and his own blog. Jack utilizes his social profiles to furthe…

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