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Top 4 Questions Homebuyers Need Answered Before They Buy - Clean Slate

Top 4 Questions Homebuyers Need Answered Before They Buy - Clean Slate

Get these answered before you buy your next home! Hope everyone is having a great Tuesday!

Mortgage Rates Inch Closer to All-time Record Lows Again
Thinking of buying a home? Now is still a great time to get all time low rates. Your buying power will be at it's greatest right now, so get pre-approved and go find your dream home! Need help in the #Seattle #Bellevue area? Give me a call! (206)388-6102. Have a great Monday!

Buyers Will Pay Extra for These Features

Buyers Will Pay Extra for These Features
Ever what the dollar amount is on that walk in closet? Well put together a quick read on some of the most popular items. Pretty interesting!

Best Time to Sell? More Americans Say 'Yes'

Best Time to Sell? More Americans Say 'Yes'

It's a hot market for sellers here in Seattle. Yet we still struggle to get homes on the market. If you are on the fence about selling check out this article. Don't wait too long, you might get caught in the mix with others who wait to list. There will be a shift in the trend economists say, so take advantage of the market today!

Foreclosure Crisis Melting Away?

Foreclosure Crisis Melting Away?

The number of homeowners underwater in their mortgage is down from last year. The foreclosure crisis seems to be slowly melting away as they say in this article.

New-Home Sales Show 'Resilience'

New-Home Sales Show 'Resilience'
A good read from about the increase in home sales and how it's driving the market. Economic data showing this trend will continue through the year. Always good to hear!

10 cities where rents will rise most in 2013

10 cities where rents will rise most in 2013 - MSN Real Estate
If you are thinking of buying versus renting, here is a good article from MSN. In some cities it still makes sense to rent, in some you should get on the buying bandwagon!

Solo homebuyer? You're not alone

Solo homebuyer? You're not alone - MSN Real Estate

Buying a home by yourself? Not to worry MSN looks into the process!

Woulda Shoulda Coulda: Real Estate Regrets to Avoid

A good blog post from the folks at Trulia about some regrets from renters vs buyers. Hope everyone is having a great Monday!

10 Energy-Efficient Home Upgrades You Should Make

In honor of Earth Day, here are some upgrades to make your home greener. If you are thinking of selling, Buyers love to see these upgrades! Have a great Monday!

For Third Week, Mortgage Rates Sink Lower

Another week of rates creeping downward. The opportunity to get a great rate on a mortgage is still out there. Buyers are getting great rates and looking to buy, but we are still short on homes. We are seeing a lot of multiple offer situations and homes pending in a few days. Be prepared to submit your best offer first, you might not get a second chance. Have a great weekend!

Looking to buy or sell in the #Seattle or #Bellevue area? Give us a call today!
(206) 388-6102.

Why Buyers Should Consider Foreclosures or Short Sales

Here in the Seattle and Bellevue metro area we are seeing fewer and fewer of these on the market. If you do find one it might not be a bad idea to consider it. Don't be scared of these properties! Here is a good read from AOL this Friday. Hopefully everyone is getting ready to be off work and enjoy the weekend!!

April Showers, How Does Rainfall Affect Home Prices?

Here in the Seattle/Bellevue area we get are fair share of rain right? Well how does that affect home prices? Best part of this graphic is it Finally shows people Seattle is not the rainiest city in America!

4 Signs the Housing Recovery Is Stalling

This is the concern on everyone's mind these days. Are prices rising too fast? Is there going to be another bubble. Here is a good read from AOL Real Estate on some aspects of the market recovery. Have a great Thursday!

Are Home Prices Rising Too Fast?
With homes selling fast and at asking price or better, some are asking the question if prices are rising too fast? Are we headed into another bubble? Here is a short read from RealtorMag about the situation.

How Much Staging Is Too Much?
Ever wonder if there is too much staging going on? There is a fine line between well done and over done.

Survey: Lenders More Upbeat About Housing Recovery

It's always a good sign when the lenders are feeling good about the recovery. Good read from Happy Wednesday!

Playboy Bunny House in Los Angeles Hits Market for $11 Million
You don't see this everyday! Not the famed mansion across the street ( I had to read the article to know this). Just a fun read for this Wednesday!

Want a Patio? Try Stamped Concrete as a Low-Cost Alternative
Looking for a good patio on a budget? Try this from my friends at AOL real estate! Have a great Wednesday!

3 Reasons To Sell Your Home Today! (part 1)
Are you thinking of selling but aren't 100% sure yet? The good folks at KCM Crew have the article for you. Not sure where to get an agent? That I can help you with. Call me today or email if that suits you better :) 206-388-6102 or

Don't Overpay for Home Features You Love But Others Might Not
A nice article from AOL on things to take in to account when selling your home. But also to think like a seller when you are buying a home. Happy Monday!

Three Myths About Housing Market Rebound!

Great article from the WSJ about what is going on in the market, what's selling and what to expect. Hope everyone is having a great weekend!!!

Home Bidding Wars Are Back!

It's shaping up to be another busy weekend for the housing market. There are hundreds of new listings as of today, Friday. Most homes will spend only a few days on the market, snatched up by Sunday by eager buyers. You'll need to be presenting your best offer first if you hope to walk away a new home owner. You'll need a game plan before you head out this weekend to look at homes. In need of an agent? Give me a call! 2063886102. I can make sure you are ready for the crazy weekend and I also have some great open houses this weekend! Have a great Friday!!

What Does Your House Style Say About You?
A great article from AOL about style of homes and how they reflect you.

Vacation Home Sales Up In 2012
It's a good sign when consumers are spending more of their disposable income. And it's even better for the market when vacation and non primary residence home sales are up! This will boost the economy in most places that rely on vacation homes or tourism as income. Just another good read about the direction the market is headed. Have a GREAT day!

Americans Showing More Desire to Buy
It's Spring and buyers are out in force, but it's always good to see that across the board buyers are more confident. Hopefully this will continue and it'll be a strong Summer and Fall as well.

Study: Buyers Can Afford Bigger House If It's New

Baseball Season 2013: Are Homes Near Stadiums Worth More?