Bellingham Housing Market Stats for December 2015

How does the housing market in the Bellingham area look at the end of 2015 and what can we expect in 2016?
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Take a look at the listings for December 2014 versus December 2015. There will be a continued shortage of homes on the market going into 2016. More homes sold or were under contract in Dec 15 than Dec 14. Pointing to strong demand from buyers going into 2016.

Average price per square foot is down from the summer but way up from December of last year! Good news for sellers.

Homes are selling for 94% asking price and spending an average of 56 days on the market.


 Probably the most important graph, amount of inventory on the market. 2.1 months means it's a sellers market. 6 months of inventory is where we start to say it's a buyers market. You can also see the downward trend. The forecast is a sever lack of homes on the market going into what could be the best year for the housing market since 2007. It'll be a great year to sell your home!
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